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Payroll Set Up Forms

These forms can be downloaded and printed or filled out in pdf – printed or emailed.  All new Payroll clients will need to complete the Employer Information set up, and an Employee information set up for each employee.  If you will have 1099 contractors, you will also need a Contractor information set up form for each contractor.  If your employees or contractors will be paid by direct deposit, please be sure they each complete and sign a Direct Deposit Authorization form.  You may email completed forms to : or fax to our office at 530-271-1689.


Employer Set up Online Form OR Employer Information Set up Fillable PDF – please complete one for each company that will pay employees

Direct Deposit Authorization Fillable –  Required if your employees will be paid by direct deposit. Have each employee or contractor who will be paid by direct deposit complete one

Employee Set up Form Fillable – please complete one for each employee

W-4 Form All Employees CompleteRequired – please have each employee complete


Contractor Set up form fillable – Optional – for employers who wish to pay independent contractors through the online system and provide a 1099 at the end of the year

Employee State Withholding Form – Optional if employee’s withholding is different for state that federal

Employer Registration Form EDD Required IF you do not already have an Employer Identification Number with EDD – are a new employer

W-9 Form for Independent Contractors (who you will give a 1099) – Have each indpendent contractor complete this form